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Home > News and views > Five Reasons why Debate Academy boosts debate skills

Five Reasons why Debate Academy boosts debate skills

groups of students and mentors outside Debate Academy 2022 school

We are looking forward to returning to Stamford School this August for our annual summer school, Debate Academy. This week-long residential gives young people the opportunity to develop their debate skills, make new friends, take part in debating activities and receive the best debate tips from world-leading coaches and debaters. Read on for five reasons why Debate Academy boosts debate skills (and ensures young people have a summer to remember):

  1. Debate Academy coaches are among the best debaters in the country. We recruit excellent debaters to coach at Debate Academy. This means that young people receive game-changing advice from people who have taken part and won in some of the best debating competitions around. These experts provide debate tips that only those who have participated themselves can.
  2. You don’t need to be an expert debater to attend. Debate Academy is open to everyone, and we make sure that young people are placed into the right stream for their debate experience. This means that their debate skills improve hugely over the course of the week, as the curriculum is tailored to their starting point.
  3. You have the opportunity to debate every day! Young people get the chance to put their debate skills into practice every day with classroom and formal debates. This means that the skills they develop can immediately be utilised in an authentic way, helping to ensure that the learning is consolidated.
  4. Elective classes develop wider knowledge. As well as a packed programme of debate skills training and practice, we provide a full additional curriculum covering a wide range of topics. This might be exploring the recent geo-political history of the Middle East; an introduction to law; lectures on intersectional feminism or the opportunity to take part in a war games activity. All these help to develop cultural capital and wider general knowledge, which comes in useful for debating as well as broader learning and academic study.
  5. Debating with other like-minded people means you will have the time of your life! Many of our Debate Academy attendees return year after year, and the friendships developed at Debate Academy can last a lifetime. For many young people, the chance to spend a week with others who share their interests can be life-changing, boosting confidence and giving them a summer to remember.

‘Debate Academy has been one of the best experiences of my life’

ISOBELLE – Participant

Find out more about Debate Academy, including our generous bursary scheme and how to register.

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